Crystal Clear



…a Black Woman Boss who is over the days of trying to do it all yourself


…ONE designer you can trust to take care of all your graphic needs, so you never have to seek out a new designer again, a year from now, or 5 years from now.

…a trusted teammate who cares about making sure the look and feel of every part of your business — every new product launch, every lead magnet, every event, every promotion — stays crisp and consistent across the board.

…a creative director who understands your vision for your business and how to translate that into branding that resonates with your audience.

…a talented and experienced partner who won’t flake on you or disappear when you need them most.

…a creative consultant who is self-sufficient, reliable, and doesn’t require micro-managing. Who genuinely sees, hears and understands you and what you want for the future of your business.

…the ability to spread your design projects out over time and just ask for things as they come up knowing that they’ll be covered.

…predictable graphic design expenses for 12 straight months, so you can fully understand your annual cost of business and plan ahead.



i’m Jennae

…and I see your frantic S.O.S. call!

The Crystal Clear: Foundation Package is my base level “done-for-you” design package, but what you get is anything but basic.

You’ll have an experienced and dedicated art director, designer and brand consultant at your service for the next 12 months (hey girl, hey!) to take care of the varied branding and design needs that come up for your business throughout the year. This service is custom-fit to meet your specific needs and business goals so your branding stays consistent and gorgeous across the board. You’ll get quality work delivered when you need it, and be able to take branding and design off your to-do list so you can focus on the parts of your business you do best. You’ll get someone to reliably handle your brand visuals so you have more freedom to live your best life.


  • print graphic needs, such as business cards, letterheads, postcards, ad graphics, event signage, etc. (does not include printing
  • web graphics, such as social promos or banner ads
  • logo design
  • design of social media headers, profile artwork, etc. for all your social channels
  • light copy editing: copy help with tag lines and short sales blurbs if needed.
  • sales/marketing funnel graphics: any artwork needed for your funnel
  • book cover design: ebook, audio, and print book covers as needed, or any related ad graphics you might need for promotions.
  • magazine or newspaper ad design
  • merchandise: design of promotional merchandise like stickers, t-shirts, mugs, buttons, notebooks, pins, etc.
  • ongoing website maintenance and plugin updates, regular backups and monitoring of plugins, etc.
  • creative consulting via scheduled check-ins

**Please note that this package does NOT include doing ALL of these items every month. These are examples of the ways you can use your contract. Actual usage will be based on what you most need for the year and order of priority, as well as the package level you choose. The Crystal Clear: Foundation Package does not include new website design, only maintenance. The Crystal Clear: PLUS package includes ONE new website of up to 20 pages.

let’s do this

cost & next steps

I take on only a limited number of clients each year so I can deliver the best possible service to each client, and these packages go fast. Click the “Let’s get started” button under the option you’d prefer to schedule an initial consultation with me. I’ll learn about you and your business, where you are now and where you want to be. Plus we can just talk and both make sure this feels like a good fit. No pressure. No obligation. Just choose your favorite option and let’s get to know each other.


per month

for 12 months

Standard priority
Predictable monthly auto-payments
Support for one main brand
Includes logo design
$2000 off if you pay for 12 months in full
Does not include new website design
Does not include creative consulting
Does not include sub-brand support
Great Value

per month

for 12 months

Higher priority
Support for your brand and up to 1 sub-brand (ex. add your personal brand or podcast)
Includes ONE completely new website design for the year, up to 20 pages.
Includes logo design
Creative consulting, when you need expert input
Predictable monthly auto-payments
More time for projects from the list of inclusions
$4000 off if you pay for 12 months in full


I appreciate you taking the time to carefully consider this. After all, it is quite literally an investment in your future and the future of your brand. And because of that, the best person to answer that question is you. Some points to consider:

▪ Do you personally find companies, products and services more trustworthy and desirable when their graphics are beautifully designed across the board?

▪ Does that help you see and feel their presence and judge their quality upfront? What does that quality tell you about their service even before you get a chance to find out for yourself?

▪ Are you tired of the rollercoaster of searching for a new designer every time you need graphics, only to cross your fingers and hope they work out?

▪ Have you felt truly supported and cared for by your designers or developers? Have they been truly invested in the success of your business? Will they be there for you next year? In 2 years? How about 5?

▪ Do you feel proud and excited to share your current design and branding with people, partners, vendors or investors?

▪ Does your branding inspire you to feel confident and hopeful about the future of your business? Does it accurately reflect your quality? Does it make customers and potential customers feel something?

▪ Most importantly, is what you have now going to help you grow your business so you can reach your goals in the years to come?

Let’s build your future together.

Updating your brand design — holistically and intentionally — can change everything, from the way you are perceived by others to the way you perceive your own work and its value. It can give you new energy to and encourage you to really GO FOR IT, in the way that a fly new haircut or a pair of boss lady shoes can give you a tangible boost.

It’s a matter of taking care of what you’ve spent so much time and effort building, so your hard work and dedication actually shows. It’s an homage to the reasons you started your business in the first place. When your branding accurately reflects your WHY, you suddenly feel SEEN in a whole new way. It makes you want to charge forward toward your dreams and gives you the tools to do it. You’ll have a partner who understands this is about creating the life of your dreams and who encourages you to dream BIG.

Still have questions? Schedule your Get-to-Know-You chat below or reach out with your questions and I’m more than happy to help.