Logo Redesign

Pollynation founder Carlithea Abram initially came to me because she wanted to redesign her packaging to be more retailer-friendly. She wanted branding that would stand out on shelves and be distinctive and memorable, as she had just begun signing retail clients. I suggested that the Pollynation logo, while fun, needed a redesign to better fit her new direction and her desire to upgrade the brand. The result was a logo that still feels true to the brand’s roots, but feels crisp and professional — like a brand you can trust.

A Note from the Client

I set out to refresh my brand of vegan, health-conscious, energy-infused hair & skincare product packaging to better reflect who the brand is, what problems it aimed to solve, and what consumers should expect. It has been a journey…I was on the hunt for top-notch designers who instantly understood my vision and vibed with me. I lucked up and found Jennae Petersen, founder of Blue Agate Creative. What a blessing. She is talented, fueled to do what’s right, and has been fantastic to work with. A true blessing. My vision has been realized and beyond. Thank you, Jennae. My pockets are kind of light, lol, but it has been worth every cent.

Packaging Redesign

The packaging redesign was the next challenge. We set out to communicate the Pollynation brand story through color and imagery, and we wound up with a creative, distinctive brand that feels like it’s made with care, but would be perfectly at home on the shelves at your nearest Whole Foods.

WordPress Website Redesign

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