Brand Style Guide




You already have a logo design, but you’re not sure how to turn that into a comprehensive, consistent “brand”.

Or your brand doesn’t really require an official logo, but you still want brand consistency across the board.

Your marketing materials are all over the place, and you’re having a hard time figuring out your brand’s voice and place in the market.

The Brand Style Guide, also known as the Brand Holy Grail is perhaps the most important factor in the continuity and consistency of your brand. It is a PDF document that guides the entire visual presentation of your branding to ensure you and your team know exactly how to maintain the integrity of your visual identity.

A Brand Style Guide will help you find your footing and keep all your branding and marketing consistent moving forward. This will ensure continuity and consistency of your brand EVERYWHERE, from your business cards to your social media page, your website, your printed promotional materials and more, no matter who you work with to create or print them.

This document will direct your entire brand visual presentation, including:

  • Logo usage, including sizing, placement, and more importantly, how NOT to use it
  • Typography usage (even if you don’t have or need a logo)
  • Color palette
  • Complementary patterns
  • Mood board of brand imagery

Your guide will be delivered in PDF format for your reference as you build your business. After you order, I will contact you to gather information about your current logo and branding efforts so I can begin creating the guide.


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