Next-level branding
done in a day.

Sis, you know it’s time to get your branding together.

You’ve been thinking about it for months, or longer. The thing is, you’re ready for results NOW. 

Brand design projects, when they are done well, typically take time. Weeks, or even months. But you want to strike while the iron is hot. You’re ready to really invest in your branding and you’ve taken the time to think about how you really want your brand to look and feel so you can attract your ideal customers and clients.

I’m ready to help.

With a Brand Magic VIP Day, you can:

  • Skip the waiting list and the long turnaround time
  • Get your brand design handled quickly by an experienced designer without the usual delays associated with long projects with lots of back and forth communication
  • A creative consultant who genuinely sees, hears and understands you and what you want for the future of your business.
  • My undivided attention for a day


i’m Jennae

…and I’m ready to get you and your brand all the way together!

You’ll have an experienced and dedicated art director, designer and brand consultant at your disposal for a full day — up to 6 of Beyonce’s hours — to design beautiful branding that represents the future of your business.

This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. During a thorough discovery process, I’ll make sure I understand your needs, your current brand situation, your desires for your future, and your likes and dislikes so we can get it right the first time.

We’ll work together to develop your complete brand presentation: A dope ass logo, secondary marks and brand style sheet — and get you on the right foot in a single day. (Or if you already have your brand visuals handled and solid, ask about how we can work together for a day to expand upon your branding with packaging, social media design and more.)

You’ll get my full attention and expert strategy so you can finally be confident in the future of your brand and walk away with your to-do list shorter and your chest puffed out with the knowledge that your brand is everything and then some.

You ready? Let’s do this! Keep scrolling to apply.


  • A day of undivided focus to complete your full branding package
  • Zoom calls throughout the day to check in on progress and make sure we’re on the right track
  • A completed logo, alternate mark and brand style sheet that includes brand color palette, typography choices, logo usage guidelines and at least one usage example.

But how? How can we do all this in a day when most designers take weeks to turn around logo concepts.

  1. Well, my standard design projects have a weeks-long turnaround time too. Because I’m typically juggling several projects at once. But when you book a VIP day, you get me and all of my attention.
  2. You WILL have to do some homework before the date of your VIP day. You’ll be required to fill out a thorough design questionnaire, add examples to a secret Pinterest board that we’ll share so I can get a feel for what you like, complete an ideal customer exercise and worksheet, and share any and all ideas you have for what you envision for your brand. We’ll also spend the first 30-60 minutes of your VIP day together so we can start on the right foot.
  3. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I understand what makes an amazing, timeless brand. I’m an expert at this, and I’ll guide you in the right direction.


  • New York Times Bestselling Author and professional troublemaker Luvvie Ajayi
  • Viral, trendsetting photographers and AfroArt innovators CreativeSoul Photography
  • Emmy Award-winning TV host and travel influencer Oneika Raymond
  • Former ESSENCE Editor-in-Chief and current EIC of The Root, Vanessa K. De Luca
  • Natural haircare OG brand Koils by Nature and CEO Pamela J. Booker
  • …and more amazing women building dope ass brands.

let’s do this

investment & next steps

The Brand Magic VIP Day requires an investment of $5000.

I require an initial 30-minute consultation  so I can make sure we’re a good fit to work together and to make sure I understand your needs full before I commit to designing your brand in a day. Schedule your consultation below so I can learn about you, your business, and your branding challenges so I can determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.

The Process

how it works

/ STEP 1 /

Initial Consultation

This is when I get the full rundown from you about exactly what’s going on with your brand. What are you struggling with? How is that keeping you from showing up fully so you can skyrocket your growth? We’ll talk about it in detail to identify the pain points you’re aware of and start uncovering the ones you might not be aware of.

I’ll determine whether I can deliver a complete branding package that can truly help propel you forward. And if I can’t, I’ll be honest with you. So, no pressure.

/ STEP 2 /

Book Your

Choose an available date from my VIP Day Calendar and secure your booking. Be absolutely SURE to choose a date when you will be available for Zoom calls and via email to provide speedy feedback and be in close communication with me. Do not choose a date when you have other commitments already scheduled.

Your date will be secured with your payment in full. If you choose to split the investment into 2 payments, the second payment MUST be made before the VIP date you choose.

/ STEP 3 /

Do Your Homework!

The ONLY way I’ll be able to effectively create amazing branding for you is to really dive into the Discovery phase. You’ll need to:

  • Complete my thorough branding questionnaire
  • Add design examples to a secret Pinterest board for the project so I can *see* what you like
  • Complete my Ideal Customer Exercise & Worksheet so I can understand who you serve
  • Share any and all ideas you have for your brand presentation — including what you don’t want
/ STEP 4 /

It’s Your
VIP Day!

Before your scheduled day, I’ll go through your homework thoroughly. On the day of, we’ll start with a 30-60 minute Zoom call so we can start in the right direction. We’ll discuss the general design direction so we’re on the same page, and I’ll get started.

We’ll check in via Zoom again just before lunch so you can see the progress and request any tweaks or revisions. After lunch, I’ll work on revisions, alternate marks and the brand style sheet. Be available via email during this phase for any quick questions. Finally, at the end of the day, we’ll wrap up with a Zoom call so you can see the final brand design.

/ STEP 5 /

The Day After:
Your Files

Within 24 hours, you will receive final brand files, including your logo and alternate mark in a variety of file formats and colors, and your PDF Brand Style Sheet, which will guide you as you build out the rest of your branding.

I will provide instructions for how to use the various types of files and be available to answer any questions you have about any of the files you received.

/ STEP 6 /


I am available via email for 30 days of extended support to answer any questions you have about your branding or how to most effectively use it as you strategize your brand build-out.

I also am available to design additional pieces of your branding, from product packaging to social media graphics and templates, presentation decks, print design, website and more.  You can book another VIP Day to have me design additional brand assets, or I can provide you with a traditional project quote so that we can develop them over time.


I appreciate you taking the time to carefully consider this. After all, it is quite literally an investment in your future and the future of your brand. And because of that, the best person to answer that question is you. Some points to consider:

>> Do you personally find companies, products and services more trustworthy and desirable when their branding is well done and beautifully consistent across the board?

>> Does that help you see and feel their presence and judge their quality up front? What does that quality tell you about their service even before you get a chance to find out for yourself?

>> Are you tired of the rollercoaster of trying to figure out all this branding stuff on your own, with no reliable advice or support from anyone who actually knows what they’re doing?

>> Have you felt truly supported and cared for by the designers you’ve worked with in the past? Have they been truly invested in the success of your business?

>> Do you feel proud and excited to share your current branding with people, partners, vendors or investors?

>> Most importantly, is your current branding going to help you grow your business so you can reach your goals in the years to come? Or is the cost of ignoring your branding that you’ll still be in the same place next month, or worse, next year?

Let’s make it happen, together.

Schedule your initial consultation for your Brand Magic VIP Day below and take the next step toward the dope ass branding you and your amazing brand deserve.